July 24 2014 Music Video Update: Post 4 Part Series

Oh so many ways for me to show you how...

Oh so many ways for me to show you how…

As promised, today I post another video showing a months progress after the 4 part walk through series. If you have kept up with all I have posted, writing and video alike, then this post will serve your evolutionary desire.

Most of the garden, especially the central area around the pond/sink, is freshly installed this year. Thus, the maturation of the soil has been upset. With the exception of the seedling establishment phase I have watered nothing this entire season. The two equate to smaller plants, and less desirable aesthetics for the fruits themselves, yet stronger genetics.

Manual Link Here.

Music video or not, here is the song for this post. It’s not like you killed someone… Again I suggest volume…



Catalyst Coop Walk Through: Part 4 of 4 (Now on YouTube for improved viewing)

I just want to climb shit now.... yet I live in Kansas. What a predicament...

I just want to climb shit now…. yet I live in Kansas. What a predicament…


Yes YouTube sucks in its own way too, but at least you can actually watch a video all the way through without problems. So the new video is the last of the four part 2014 walk through series. Manual link here. Then the next video will be a quick walk around the same gardens, just a month later.

For your tune, I give you The Mars Volta, Eriatarka. “If you only knew the plans they had for us.”

Catalyst Coop Walk Through: Video Part 3 of 4

Here is how a Catalyst works: shows you a path. The path is your human responsibility to explore, even though many selfishly  ignore.

Here is how a Catalyst works: shows you a path. The path is your human responsibility to explore, even though many selfishly ignore.

Why do I do this? To catalyze, or make change faster… I personally have no “skill” to be making videos, certainly not educational ones. However, the more people doing and sharing these things (like poly-culture, modern homesteading, and efficient living) then the more easy it is for another is to stumble upon these concepts which they might like to try themselves. You know, saturate the market.

If more people want extra healthy permacultured food, then what will the dollar hungry do? Indeed, they will capitalize on a the trend, even when it is a good trend that the people are calling for. Not just stepping away from a terrible system, but using the current system itself as a the catalyst to systematic change.

I am just saturating the market, and thus catalyzing change; even if my site views only total a handful a week. Many people deserve credit for their ability to speak, write, organize, and be consistent; I am just not one of them.

I play and experiment, customize and individualize. Thus it would be atrocious to see someone mimic how I do things. Atrocious because it lacks any sense of creativity at all, and I refuse to fish for you as much as I refuse to teach you to fish. All I care to do here, is catalyze the future and current teachers and pupils to move with gusto through this intense trial of change ahead. Mans metamorphosis needs a boost, and my honor says eye-eye captain.

So to continue, today I share Part 3 of 4, of the 2014 Catalyst Coop walk through. Take what you will, ignore the rest. Manual Link here.

For your tune, Maynard spins some Jung. 46&2, by Tool. A simple, yet profound song for mans metamorphosis into Newmans.