Catalyst Coop Chicks: June 27 2015

Catalyst Chicks,

Catalyst Chicks,,,

This years chicks have arrived at the Coop, and we are happy as all get out.

It started nearly a month ago when the broody gal hatched one egg from 20. This was my fault in two ways: 1. I only let the rooster 3 days to fertilize my 8 hens, and 2, I didn’t wait long enough to let the eggs hatch.

On the 22 day after I put the eggs under the broody hen, I discarded the eggs figuring the rooster did not have success in those three days. But I was wrong, I realized very quickly there were 3 of the 20 eggs that had chicks just about to hatch! I rushed them back under the hen who I had just pissed off by taking her eggs. One made it, one huge mistake made.

Now I know to wait a few days past the 21 days as any number of things may cause a later hatch.

Even if all three would have made it, it was not enough to keep my flock cycled for the year. Thus, I picked up a cheap incubator and put thirty eggs in it.

The rest is history, and I can expect two culling’s this year since none of the new guys will be laying eggs for another 5-6 months. As soon as the new roosters are broiler size, all but one will hit the freezer. Then, as the new hens start to lays eggs the old flock will hit the freezer.

My maximum number of chickens in this system is 5 laying hens, 6 pre-layers, and a rooster. Higher than twice what I had originally planned… when I was not considering flock rotation. That means through the Winter I will have only 6 chickens, through spring to early Summer its chicks and hens, then late Summer through Fall its 12 chickens: 6 waiting for the end, 5 waiting for full-time egg production, and a rooster.

Cool, well I hope that gives you something useful, and maybe the video will too.

Manual Link 2015 Catalyst Coop Chickens

And for the song of the post: a slow start for a techno tart, perfect for dancing into the Catalysts heart. Boyz Noize, Oh! Oh! Ya be alright, be alright.


June 28 2015: Catalyst Coop Failures

Through the eyes of the majority.

Through the eyes of the majority.

I say Catalyst Coop Failures in the title because undoubtedly the science of soil, water, and ecology are not wrong (Permaculture’s backbone) even if we (I) don’t fully understand their intricacies yet, thus have made some mistakes.

“Swing on a spiral.”

I have never had any problem admitting when I have failed, because recognition of said failure is what has made me so successful in my successes. You know, learning from my mistakes. But I see blame shifting everyday outside my bubble, you probably do to; and what are the chances that the inability to self criticize and criticize others is a percentage of our current level of idiocracy?

I say the chances are good, and that societal passivity in all things from self analyzation to condemnation of that which has been falsified is the biggest reason we are such a dumb-fucked culture. Piss on pacifists! Someone should make a bumper sticker of that…

On top of most refusing to admit their wrongs and agonizingly hiding their mistakes in a web of lies, they then beat honest folk over the head with their humbling stories of misfortune.

It’s kind of like that meme; “Democracy, where any two idiots can out vote a genius.”

Moral of the story, well if you don’t get it then please exit the gene pool.

So without further ado, and without the dead weight that just exited, please enjoy my mistakes and my inability to speak without a script.

Manual Link Here

And for the tune, Puscifer- Conditions of My Parole. “A mans home trailer is his White Castle.”

May 20ish 2015 Catalyst Coop; Consolidated Walk Through Video

Kansas at my door... her dirt on my floor, her skies in my core, and her overlooked beauties begging like a whore.

Kansas at my door… her dirt on my floor, her skies in my core, and her overlooked beauties begging like a whore.

Hello from Kansas,

The idea concerning a video diary of sorts revolving around the evolution of The Catalyst Coop is solid for my own desires. Yet I assess that I can get the same relevant documentation and do so with mostly shorter videos, while, at the same time offering you the audience something more as well.

I will still do a full walk through once a year, but I hope to produce more and shorter videos for those wanting more knowledge and less time wandering over the same piece of land once a month.

I intend from here on to produce videos on specific modern homesteading topics, radical societal change, forward thinking societal and economic movements, and videos condemning falsifiable religions.

One day it may be a video about Meritocracy, another day chickens, another day Illuminism, a specific plant overview, Resource Based Economics, A crime perpetrated by religion, poetry, exciting science and technology, permaculture, and so on and so forth.

Today’s video is a chopped up version of my standard walk through including some of the plants growing here. I also will post a view of the new chicks here on the farm soon, and a failures-video concerning perennializing some annuals, problem weed grasses, and excessive self seeding requiring thinning work that does not pay off for biomass.

In the mean time have a gander at the May conditions compared to the last preview video; things have really grown since then as you will see in this and the failures-video to come.

May 20ish 2015 Catalyst Coop

And for the song of the day, I give you Astro Raph. Remix of Destenee-Illuminate from his Devils Child album.