June 28 2015: Catalyst Coop Failures

Through the eyes of the majority.

Through the eyes of the majority.

I say Catalyst Coop Failures in the title because undoubtedly the science of soil, water, and ecology are not wrong (Permaculture’s backbone) even if we (I) don’t fully understand their intricacies yet, thus have made some mistakes.

“Swing on a spiral.”

I have never had any problem admitting when I have failed, because recognition of said failure is what has made me so successful in my successes. You know, learning from my mistakes. But I see blame shifting everyday outside my bubble, you probably do to; and what are the chances that the inability to self criticize and criticize others is a percentage of our current level of idiocracy?

I say the chances are good, and that societal passivity in all things from self analyzation to condemnation of that which has been falsified is the biggest reason we are such a dumb-fucked culture. Piss on pacifists! Someone should make a bumper sticker of that…

On top of most refusing to admit their wrongs and agonizingly hiding their mistakes in a web of lies, they then beat honest folk over the head with their humbling stories of misfortune.

It’s kind of like that meme; “Democracy, where any two idiots can out vote a genius.”

Moral of the story, well if you don’t get it then please exit the gene pool.

So without further ado, and without the dead weight that just exited, please enjoy my mistakes and my inability to speak without a script.

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And for the tune, Puscifer- Conditions of My Parole. “A mans home trailer is his White Castle.”


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