Catalyst Poetry

I was bitten by a revolutionary spider at a young age.

I was bitten by a revolutionary spider at a young age.

Dawning is a new horizon, of light or dark it is unknown

One of two directions can slow or advance us home

With fore knowledge of the omega position, yet knowing of the battles to come

Its easy to accept bits and bytes as perception knowing what has to be done

It is the honor of my brothers and sisters friend, that will see these crown’s brought to their end

To their knees, with no apologies, no more head starts for these, inheritance babies

Yet now is not then, now is not the end

We see nations of dependents, and lemmings leaping to the sea

thus why it is perfectly admirable for most to be a skeptic of all they see

But the core element of what we stand for is immutable and concrete

So if you understand illuminated truths, you will easily detect their beat

These battles in between now and what we”ll see, are are the battles that will make you and me

And from what we can gather from the ashes of the rest, we put to use in the construction of the best

For thousands of years a few have carried destined spears

Now released into flight hoping to make up a few years

Opened now are these pages of gifts, open now is our ability to shift

Revert your path from chosen to created, divert your mind to constructed from sedated

The power of the people to enhance the mind today, is scattered unevenly by the economics they have in play

The same will be true for additions, of their contributions and the like

Some have much time, others nil, all robbed of our lives to pay the national bill

OT’s all around, original thinkers abound

Yet all to many are stagnant in this world of the crowns

Need it be said any more then this, that battles will be waiting for the Meritorious

But waiting for the likes of change when but one grain of sand remains

Is waiting for the sun to blaze, while its glare blinds your gaze

Pledge to blaze a trail to a New Meritocratic World Order

Pledge to advance ourselves to advance past elitist borders

Change will only come when enough have solid reason

So catalyze where you can, and teach in every season

Illuminated is the path for all, through education the dividers will fall.


Support this fella – Destenee, Illuminate; Astro Remix


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