Wipe With Extra Reason

Another O.T. from Francis...

Another O.T. from Francis…

Faith has proven to be a complete waste, offering the world absolutely nothing more than incompetence and pain. Your faith, your religion is a massive chunk of the problems we face on this planet, and this is about to change.

Reason, logic, and trust. This is the way of the future, this is what will cut the metaphorical heads off the three-headed beast of Abrahamism. People have had enough of these wastes of space called Muslims; Christians and Jews are not far behind.

Fuck allah! What a pathetic god… I as a human being could do far better than the turd worshiped by Abrahamists…

I wipe my ass with the disgusting religions of the world, and you should too. Stop being a relativist, people are suffering and dying for your apathy.

Ayat – Ilahiya Khinzir! (All Hail Allah The Swine)


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