Advancement Is Mandatory

"Its a symmetry kind of tick I would say, the dyadic principle, the dialectic, all forcing my thoughts to a constant state of alignment.

“It’s a symmetry kind of tick I would say, the dyadic principle, the dialectic; forcing my thoughts to a constant state of alignment.” ccFLO


Change is sliding down the hill of teleology.

Quite effortless in movement as if perpetual motion can be seen.

The motion of the future is all that matters to the flow.

For then and now are nothing, like our past lives they must go.

We must always look forward or take forever to find our way.

A memory is just that, a place where learning was at play.

But if not using that knowledge, if not crossing to the future side,

consider yourself a cripple, consider yourself a tide.

Teleo is forward momentum until it is complete,

damned be the man who still suckles at the teat.

In this long and drawn out scene,

we play the satin waves of a mathematical sheen.

Bit/Byte fog envelops every possibility we can imagine,

the humidity surrounds us, like a blanket of origin.

So next time you’re praying try it on your feet,

just look to your surroundings, to find the teleologically progressive beat.

Hear her call, so will we all,

as in time illuminated frequencies, will shine the Omega call.


“Someone take these dreams away, that point me to another day.” NIN – Dead Souls



Laughing At Karma

The last (M), for what (M)ight have been. The above ground was tried, back to the shadows. For now.

The last (M), for what (M)ight have been. The above ground was tried, back to the shadows. For now.

In a world where we can with certainty mathematically quantify ontology, as in and of itself based in the teleological advancement of infinite equation seeking a singularity point, why do we still mess with illogical arguments that in fact create malicious stratification for billions of people? Karma… LMAO!

Karma type 1, social karma: When person A treats person B in a negative way and this behavior is verifiable within a public sphere of connectivity, karma plays a role by inflicting social scorn upon the offending individual. However, with further analysis you will come to the conclusion that Type 1 or social karma is in fact just as useless as Type 2 myth based karma. Why? Because merit has no rule in this society. Crony and tribalistic social structures mean that person B can be treated badly by person A, and person A is rewarded for their negative behavior just because they have a tribe surrounding them.

Karma type 2, the myth of karma: if the material world as projected ‘to’ us, consists of but dashes and dots as Math describes, and if math itself requires that it contain a solution, then how does one come close to imagining that a persons past negative life has any effect on that persons current life? All Math exists, Math is fundamentally the backbone of everything that is science, technology, weather prediction, and cosmology. Math is also fundamental to the negatives of nuclear weapons, and the stock market… Both exist, so We laugh at karma of both types.

It would be great to see a world with a true Type 1 social karma based in (M)erit, and as far as I am concerned that simply requires US. I am here, and diligently working in many spheres. What are you doing for humanity? Condemning another to poverty for illogical dogma? Karma, sin? LMFAO!!!

The Eastern tradition may have given us ZERO, and some wonderful intuitive thought, but this 2016. We need not covet these old religions any more than history shelves dictate as necessary.

“Head like a hole.
black as your soul.
I’d rather die than give you control.”  NIN – Head Like A Hole.



Wipe With Extra Reason

Another O.T. from Francis...

Another O.T. from Francis…

Faith has proven to be a complete waste, offering the world absolutely nothing more than incompetence and pain. Your faith, your religion is a massive chunk of the problems we face on this planet, and this is about to change.

Reason, logic, and trust. This is the way of the future, this is what will cut the metaphorical heads off the three-headed beast of Abrahamism. People have had enough of these wastes of space called Muslims; Christians and Jews are not far behind.

Fuck allah! What a pathetic god… I as a human being could do far better than the turd worshiped by Abrahamists…

I wipe my ass with the disgusting religions of the world, and you should too. Stop being a relativist, people are suffering and dying for your apathy.

Ayat – Ilahiya Khinzir! (All Hail Allah The Swine)

To Be A Catalyst, One Must Not Expect Gratitude For Sharing

Faith in the potty.



Open source, free, no charge, gratis, complementary, unobstructed, unrestrained, no copy-write… As I like to say, take what you will, leave the rest.

Many times the following observation has been made in this order: First they laugh at you, then they hate you, then they learn, then they advocate what you advocate, then they still ignore you, then everybody wins. Not quite the order or character of Gandhi’s quote, but more accurate to the humility needed of a Catalyst in the field of human betterment…

Unfortunately this nuance of society does not have the ability to learn how to trust the catalyst’s among them. Time after time catalysts bring forward rare and obscure information that will become a part of the future and never-failing, they laugh, hate, learn, advocate, ignore the catalyst, then its a win for all.

A.I. and transference of consciousness, resource decline, Resource Based Economics, poly-culturing and regenerative agriculture, the decline of mytho’s religions, math as the only guarantee, additives in food and the mono crop soil tragedy… Just a few topics many catalysts have personally suffered to advocate for, and all topics that have now gained serious mainstream platforms.

It seems as though we are headed in a direction that claiming anything as your own ‘intellectual property’ has a ridicules tone to it, at least outside of tagged original material art. My poetry has been used elsewhere with no credit, not to mention my thoughts, ideas, ideals, perspectives and all out concepts. And I say great, Catalyzed! The use thereof will not be stopping me from advancing and forming new thoughts to contribute.

A. You want fame and money to help others, or B. you want to further the world with what knowledge you have to offer. A, has no (M)erit and B, has only (M)erit.

So what, we die having all our words regurgitated without our names ever being muttered. When you know the meaning of life, you will find that everything you have consciously achieved here is retained no matter what was stolen in the material world. In Fact, what was ‘stolen’ only benefited the progress of another, and since I only compete with myself racing has no concern to me. Teleologically bound!

To sum it up, and give yet another tidbit of the future of humanity; ideas do not come from individuals, they are simply dialed in from the background via a capable consciousness. This is not new either… And neither is the truth that a humble man honors the fact the he stands on the shoulders of giants. Isn’t that right Mr. Newton…

To suffering, for it makes the strong stronger, and the weak ignavi.

You Lied – TOOL