Catalyst Coop Walk Through 4-21-15 : Preview to 2015 growing season

Omega to its core, we all experience and explore.

Omega to its core, we all experience and explore.

Howdy hello,

I’m back to present another installment of the Coops evolution, which, includes a new bridge for the question mark shaped sink and pond, finished deck and wood shed area, the chicken tractor in use, a rare view of the woodlot, and the new water fall frog pond. But for those who have followed the progress here, you will see many many other changes.

This is a preview of the 2015 growing season, check back soon to see the whole place overgrown with edibles and medicinals.

This years chicks are on there way after finally having a hen go broody. I hope she stays for the long haul. I did not get the chance to bring in a new rooster for color, so next year it is I guess…

Many of the fruit trees and berry bushes are starting to gain size, many annuals have natural crafted themselves and continue to return, and new plants such as Goji berry and currents have been planted this spring.

The place is maturing, just as it should. But as a reminder to my readers, for the exception of any earth works none of these beds were ever tilled even once. This place was one flat brick that very few things grew on. Only mulch of many types, and growing what would grow has produced this place. The soil is maturing, more is growing, and all the extra hardship just to ad my own kind of personal challenge to this type of gardening. Not to mention perennializing my annuals by strengthening their genetics for easy self seeding.

So the work being done, lets have some fun. For a song tonight, tonight… Because, “time is never time at all.”


Catalyst Coop Wood Shed Overview Video

Wood, in infra red...

Wood, in infra red…

After some time pondering where, how, and what else it could be used for, The Coop has gained its split-wood shed. It is situated and constructed with multifunctional purpose in mind: for pest control, ease of access,  hard-scaping as privacy and wind control, salvaged fence by using the structure as a wall, other storage, and of course dry fire wood to heat with.

Made of %98 recycled material, it is “an” example of what might be done. See all of my videos and read the ‘about section’ for the story behind the catalyst’s Coop.

Manual link to video HERE.

As for the art of vibration, I give you Jenna Jameson, ha! Na, for your vibrational, tune… If I had to lose a mile… Nirvana Oh Me