The “Best of” The Catalyst Coop Collection

M-Day of Rage, are you up yet!?

M-Day of Rage, are you up yet!?


“All I wanna say is that they don’t really care about us.” Michael Jackson

“Change is what we are my child.” Puscifer

“Swing on a spiral our divinity and still be a human.” TOOL

“Pray to your christ to your god, never taste of the fruit.” Perfect Circle

“I ain’t reading that mother fucking book because a human wrote it.” Hopsin

“Nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too.” Beetles

“So you think you can tell heaven from hell, blue skies from pain?” Pink Floyd

“Some say what you don’t know can’t hurt you, I say what you don’t know already murdered you.” Pho

“Ram your religion so far up your ass, until it becomes just a thing a of the past.” Decide

“And if you save yourself, you will make him happy. He’ll keep you in a jar, and you’ll think you’re happy.” Nirvana

“I’m the man in the box, buried in my shit, won’t you come and save me?” Alice In Chains

“I see faith in your eyes, never to hear the discouraging lies.” Metallica

“The people sat waiting out on their blankets in the garden but God said nothing.” Crash Test Dummies

“And I’m starting to feel a lot like Charlton Heston, stranded on a primate planet.” NOFX

“M-Day.” Astro Raph

“I’m more than just a little curious how your planning to go about making your amends, to the DEAD.” Perfect Circle The Noose



Sights and Sounds of The Catalyst Coop

Fuzzy bloody Moon 9/27/15 at The Catalyst Coop.

Fuzzy Bloody Moon 9/27/15 at The Catalyst Coop. You think that is a drink yet? Cheers!

Cats and chickens, bugs and itching’s

Wind and creaks, and birds from their beaks

Some raving booms, and even some Catalysts looms.

Manual link here.


HEY YOU, how long do things have to be known before we help with the stone? The epic, Pink Floyd – Hey You.

Catalyst Poetry

I was bitten by a revolutionary spider at a young age.

I was bitten by a revolutionary spider at a young age.

Dawning is a new horizon, of light or dark it is unknown

One of two directions can slow or advance us home

With fore knowledge of the omega position, yet knowing of the battles to come

Its easy to accept bits and bytes as perception knowing what has to be done

It is the honor of my brothers and sisters friend, that will see these crown’s brought to their end

To their knees, with no apologies, no more head starts for these, inheritance babies

Yet now is not then, now is not the end

We see nations of dependents, and lemmings leaping to the sea

thus why it is perfectly admirable for most to be a skeptic of all they see

But the core element of what we stand for is immutable and concrete

So if you understand illuminated truths, you will easily detect their beat

These battles in between now and what we”ll see, are are the battles that will make you and me

And from what we can gather from the ashes of the rest, we put to use in the construction of the best

For thousands of years a few have carried destined spears

Now released into flight hoping to make up a few years

Opened now are these pages of gifts, open now is our ability to shift

Revert your path from chosen to created, divert your mind to constructed from sedated

The power of the people to enhance the mind today, is scattered unevenly by the economics they have in play

The same will be true for additions, of their contributions and the like

Some have much time, others nil, all robbed of our lives to pay the national bill

OT’s all around, original thinkers abound

Yet all to many are stagnant in this world of the crowns

Need it be said any more then this, that battles will be waiting for the Meritorious

But waiting for the likes of change when but one grain of sand remains

Is waiting for the sun to blaze, while its glare blinds your gaze

Pledge to blaze a trail to a New Meritocratic World Order

Pledge to advance ourselves to advance past elitist borders

Change will only come when enough have solid reason

So catalyze where you can, and teach in every season

Illuminated is the path for all, through education the dividers will fall.


Support this fella – Destenee, Illuminate; Astro Remix

Catalyst Coop Happenings


Majestic birds. Two years prior we had a Snowy Owl here as well.

So whats been happening on the farm lately?

A few first season Goji berries are drying in the kitchen, I intend to use them as nutritional additions to any meal I so desire. This is the same thing I do with turmeric, another powerful medicinal that I have never used for taste. Whatever I may be eating often gets some sort of nutritional additive like these mentioned especially through the winter. And through the growing season I readily take bites of medicinal’s directly from the plants; all for the concept of preventative medicine, by means of storing vital micro-nutrients in my body for current and future use by the biological systems that keep this body alive and reaching further.

Another polycultured site I have started in my community.

Another polycultured site I have started in my community.

Then there is my favorite old-world ancestral probiotic treat Sour Kraut. I have recently shredded, salted and mashed 17 pounds of cabbage and expect my first taste in a few weeks. This is enough for us to enjoy all winter and through next spring.

I have also put out an ad searching for people who make there own products in the hopes of buying some homemade items that I don’t personally make. So far I am enjoying pickled Okra, half a dozen jellies, Apple Butter, and Apple Sauce.

A view of the main beds from up high. The whole area is around 150'x150'.

A view of the main beds from up high. The whole area is around 150’x150′.

The spring chicks are nearing 3/4 full size, and I expect them to start laying in the early winter months. As soon as they do start laying the flock of pure White Rocks will meet the freezer along with most of the roosters from the new flock of White/Barred Rock mixes. The new flock has two shades of Barred, one lighter and one darker. I have yet to determine if this is between males and females which would tell me whether this is a sex-linked hybrid or not and I have found no mention of the combination online.

We have a breeding pair of Barn owls hanging out in the woods and doing their part in the ecosystem. My daughter loves to explore their pellets for skulls; she found over thirty on a recent search. Also this year Leopard frogs found the waterfall/pond all by themselves, the Praying Mantis population is healthy, a Fox has been seen once, Fox squirrels are making their way into the woods, and our garter snakes grew into very large specimens.

New wild medicinal’s identified include Camphor, Curly Dock, Jostaberry, and Smart weed.

The grass problems solution is under construction. Two main varieties are the problem, but one specifically. I have lots of Fox Tail, but the crabgrass has proven worst considering its allelopathic nature of inhibiting near by growth of other plants. The plan is Clover which has proven to shade the soil early enough to prevent its germination, and of course more perennial plants to fill in the beds under and around the taller trees and shrubs. This was the first year I have a such bad issue with the grass, namely due to the mulches decaying to a point that gave optimal germination conditions. Lesson: keep the dirt covered with living mulches, or a deep litter method of sheet mulching.

Though I never speak of the home projects, today I will mention that years of redesigning the floor plan of the house are coming to an end and the finish work will soon begin. The old third bedroom is now the brand new bathroom and laundry. Old bathroom number one is now kitchen space. Old bathroom two is now more space for the master bedroom. And what used to be an entry way/laundry and living room are now an open floor plan including living, dining and kitchen. It feels great to have this whole plan coming together, even if has taken years longer than it would have with access to money.

The work includes what will be all new plumbing that has a very efficient and centralized sprawl given the placement of bathroom and kitchen. The solar system is simple, but enough to run a laptop, lights, and charge batteries. Eventually a new third room/sun room will be added, and a guest cabin is in the works for next spring.

I think that satisfied my desire to express the happenings of the Coop for today, as normal I just spit this stuff out meaning much is left unmentioned. Since I am here to Catalyze however, I don’t believe the minute details are necessary.

Now go do something with passion in your stride.

Till next time, say hello to my little friend, MUSIC!! I am I, Queensryche

Catalyst Coop Chicks: June 27 2015

Catalyst Chicks,

Catalyst Chicks,,,

This years chicks have arrived at the Coop, and we are happy as all get out.

It started nearly a month ago when the broody gal hatched one egg from 20. This was my fault in two ways: 1. I only let the rooster 3 days to fertilize my 8 hens, and 2, I didn’t wait long enough to let the eggs hatch.

On the 22 day after I put the eggs under the broody hen, I discarded the eggs figuring the rooster did not have success in those three days. But I was wrong, I realized very quickly there were 3 of the 20 eggs that had chicks just about to hatch! I rushed them back under the hen who I had just pissed off by taking her eggs. One made it, one huge mistake made.

Now I know to wait a few days past the 21 days as any number of things may cause a later hatch.

Even if all three would have made it, it was not enough to keep my flock cycled for the year. Thus, I picked up a cheap incubator and put thirty eggs in it.

The rest is history, and I can expect two culling’s this year since none of the new guys will be laying eggs for another 5-6 months. As soon as the new roosters are broiler size, all but one will hit the freezer. Then, as the new hens start to lays eggs the old flock will hit the freezer.

My maximum number of chickens in this system is 5 laying hens, 6 pre-layers, and a rooster. Higher than twice what I had originally planned… when I was not considering flock rotation. That means through the Winter I will have only 6 chickens, through spring to early Summer its chicks and hens, then late Summer through Fall its 12 chickens: 6 waiting for the end, 5 waiting for full-time egg production, and a rooster.

Cool, well I hope that gives you something useful, and maybe the video will too.

Manual Link 2015 Catalyst Coop Chickens

And for the song of the post: a slow start for a techno tart, perfect for dancing into the Catalysts heart. Boyz Noize, Oh! Oh! Ya be alright, be alright.