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Majestic birds. Two years prior we had a Snowy Owl here as well.

So whats been happening on the farm lately?

A few first season Goji berries are drying in the kitchen, I intend to use them as nutritional additions to any meal I so desire. This is the same thing I do with turmeric, another powerful medicinal that I have never used for taste. Whatever I may be eating often gets some sort of nutritional additive like these mentioned especially through the winter. And through the growing season I readily take bites of medicinal’s directly from the plants; all for the concept of preventative medicine, by means of storing vital micro-nutrients in my body for current and future use by the biological systems that keep this body alive and reaching further.

Another polycultured site I have started in my community.

Another polycultured site I have started in my community.

Then there is my favorite old-world ancestral probiotic treat Sour Kraut. I have recently shredded, salted and mashed 17 pounds of cabbage and expect my first taste in a few weeks. This is enough for us to enjoy all winter and through next spring.

I have also put out an ad searching for people who make there own products in the hopes of buying some homemade items that I don’t personally make. So far I am enjoying pickled Okra, half a dozen jellies, Apple Butter, and Apple Sauce.

A view of the main beds from up high. The whole area is around 150'x150'.

A view of the main beds from up high. The whole area is around 150’x150′.

The spring chicks are nearing 3/4 full size, and I expect them to start laying in the early winter months. As soon as they do start laying the flock of pure White Rocks will meet the freezer along with most of the roosters from the new flock of White/Barred Rock mixes. The new flock has two shades of Barred, one lighter and one darker. I have yet to determine if this is between males and females which would tell me whether this is a sex-linked hybrid or not and I have found no mention of the combination online.

We have a breeding pair of Barn owls hanging out in the woods and doing their part in the ecosystem. My daughter loves to explore their pellets for skulls; she found over thirty on a recent search. Also this year Leopard frogs found the waterfall/pond all by themselves, the Praying Mantis population is healthy, a Fox has been seen once, Fox squirrels are making their way into the woods, and our garter snakes grew into very large specimens.

New wild medicinal’s identified include Camphor, Curly Dock, Jostaberry, and Smart weed.

The grass problems solution is under construction. Two main varieties are the problem, but one specifically. I have lots of Fox Tail, but the crabgrass has proven worst considering its allelopathic nature of inhibiting near by growth of other plants. The plan is Clover which has proven to shade the soil early enough to prevent its germination, and of course more perennial plants to fill in the beds under and around the taller trees and shrubs. This was the first year I have a such bad issue with the grass, namely due to the mulches decaying to a point that gave optimal germination conditions. Lesson: keep the dirt covered with living mulches, or a deep litter method of sheet mulching.

Though I never speak of the home projects, today I will mention that years of redesigning the floor plan of the house are coming to an end and the finish work will soon begin. The old third bedroom is now the brand new bathroom and laundry. Old bathroom number one is now kitchen space. Old bathroom two is now more space for the master bedroom. And what used to be an entry way/laundry and living room are now an open floor plan including living, dining and kitchen. It feels great to have this whole plan coming together, even if has taken years longer than it would have with access to money.

The work includes what will be all new plumbing that has a very efficient and centralized sprawl given the placement of bathroom and kitchen. The solar system is simple, but enough to run a laptop, lights, and charge batteries. Eventually a new third room/sun room will be added, and a guest cabin is in the works for next spring.

I think that satisfied my desire to express the happenings of the Coop for today, as normal I just spit this stuff out meaning much is left unmentioned. Since I am here to Catalyze however, I don’t believe the minute details are necessary.

Now go do something with passion in your stride.

Till next time, say hello to my little friend, MUSIC!! I am I, Queensryche


June 28 2015: Catalyst Coop Failures

Through the eyes of the majority.

Through the eyes of the majority.

I say Catalyst Coop Failures in the title because undoubtedly the science of soil, water, and ecology are not wrong (Permaculture’s backbone) even if we (I) don’t fully understand their intricacies yet, thus have made some mistakes.

“Swing on a spiral.”

I have never had any problem admitting when I have failed, because recognition of said failure is what has made me so successful in my successes. You know, learning from my mistakes. But I see blame shifting everyday outside my bubble, you probably do to; and what are the chances that the inability to self criticize and criticize others is a percentage of our current level of idiocracy?

I say the chances are good, and that societal passivity in all things from self analyzation to condemnation of that which has been falsified is the biggest reason we are such a dumb-fucked culture. Piss on pacifists! Someone should make a bumper sticker of that…

On top of most refusing to admit their wrongs and agonizingly hiding their mistakes in a web of lies, they then beat honest folk over the head with their humbling stories of misfortune.

It’s kind of like that meme; “Democracy, where any two idiots can out vote a genius.”

Moral of the story, well if you don’t get it then please exit the gene pool.

So without further ado, and without the dead weight that just exited, please enjoy my mistakes and my inability to speak without a script.

Manual Link Here

And for the tune, Puscifer- Conditions of My Parole. “A mans home trailer is his White Castle.”

Catalyst Coop Walk Through 4-21-15 : Preview to 2015 growing season

Omega to its core, we all experience and explore.

Omega to its core, we all experience and explore.

Howdy hello,

I’m back to present another installment of the Coops evolution, which, includes a new bridge for the question mark shaped sink and pond, finished deck and wood shed area, the chicken tractor in use, a rare view of the woodlot, and the new water fall frog pond. But for those who have followed the progress here, you will see many many other changes.

This is a preview of the 2015 growing season, check back soon to see the whole place overgrown with edibles and medicinals.

This years chicks are on there way after finally having a hen go broody. I hope she stays for the long haul. I did not get the chance to bring in a new rooster for color, so next year it is I guess…

Many of the fruit trees and berry bushes are starting to gain size, many annuals have natural crafted themselves and continue to return, and new plants such as Goji berry and currents have been planted this spring.

The place is maturing, just as it should. But as a reminder to my readers, for the exception of any earth works none of these beds were ever tilled even once. This place was one flat brick that very few things grew on. Only mulch of many types, and growing what would grow has produced this place. The soil is maturing, more is growing, and all the extra hardship just to ad my own kind of personal challenge to this type of gardening. Not to mention perennializing my annuals by strengthening their genetics for easy self seeding.

So the work being done, lets have some fun. For a song tonight, tonight… Because, “time is never time at all.”

Catalyst Coop, October 2014, 3 Part Walk Through Video Series

I actually had a guy tell me from this picture that the one on the left must be the fresh egg... Palm to face, and sigh...

I actually had a guy tell me from this picture that the one on the left must be the fresh egg… Palm to face, and sigh…

Hello again from the middle of Kansas,

Today’s video revolves around more progress and explanation from the Catalyst Coop. The modern homestead with advanced creativity. This will include a good view of the Chicken paddock system as well, which, houses 8 Chickens at the moment. Just about the max for the 4,000 +/- sqft that it all sits on.

The advancements here at my little farm are profound given the lack of money used in its construction, and lack of time while also slaving for the dollar, yet it could be so much more with only a few hundred dollars every year that I didn’t have to give away. I know very well that merit plays a negligible role in modern society, because I know with logic and reason my own experiences in this economic life. America’s trendsetter’s, outsiders, rebels, and of course Catalyst’s are not well placed in society as we should be.

It isn’t just color people discriminate against. Often times as I see it, it is ‘better’ that people discriminate against… And that damn sure is no ego, it is simply reality of ego-compensation as I term it. The idiocracy movie that has not been written yet maybe,,, where the stupid people don’t just outnumber, they also don’t want smart people in their lives and would rather get rid of them… Sound a little too real? Sounds like those new fangled fast Zombies… Comedy! I know it is different elsewhere, but I am here.

Many ‘movements’ are trying to stop this plausible reality of devolution and bring about an educated society of equal opportunity for all. These are some that I personally appreciate. The Venus Project, The Zeitgeist Movement, and The Meritocracy Party.

Though the first two have amazing opportunities for the future, The Meritocracy project could very well be the stepping stone to that resource based economic goal; not to mention Meritocracies long-lasting social implications revolving around merit as advancement to ones desired place in society. Something that is sold to us today as free market capitalism and the American dream, all the while dynasties of family money actually make all the important decisions and appoint their crony friends to their supplemental positions. Leaving many bright and under appreciated citizens wondering what the hell?

Okay, back to the farm, a change that I can make in my own life right now.

Those who enjoyed my previous videos will also enjoy this series of 3. As always there is some creative thinking going on here at The Coop!

Link to 1 of 3

Link to 2 of 3

Link to 3 of 3

I don’t know but it’s been said that serious music is for serious heads… So here is to serious music! The Halo’s of our retardedly outdated systems are slipping down, are you putting any weight on them? A Perfect Circle – The Noose.

July 24 2014 Music Video Update: Post 4 Part Series

Oh so many ways for me to show you how...

Oh so many ways for me to show you how…

As promised, today I post another video showing a months progress after the 4 part walk through series. If you have kept up with all I have posted, writing and video alike, then this post will serve your evolutionary desire.

Most of the garden, especially the central area around the pond/sink, is freshly installed this year. Thus, the maturation of the soil has been upset. With the exception of the seedling establishment phase I have watered nothing this entire season. The two equate to smaller plants, and less desirable aesthetics for the fruits themselves, yet stronger genetics.

Manual Link Here.

Music video or not, here is the song for this post. It’s not like you killed someone… Again I suggest volume…